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I've been retired now for over a year. Husband has been sick but is now doing quite well with new pacemaker. I continue to knit and knit and crochet. Recently I became friends again with my sewing machine so you will see some of those projects, too. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ultimate Flexibility

Knitters have it and enjoy it -- ultimate flexibility.  We can begin a sweater at the neck, at the yoke, at the end of one sleeve (and knit 'across') or the traditional way, from the bottom up.

Top down is the appropriate adjective for this one.

This KAL is proceeding nicely.  It's the Lapis Yoke Pullover from Interweave and is the subject of their KAL.   You will have to purchase the pattern; look for an Interweave special or coupon.  Reliable patterns, always.

Start this one at the neckline with a US6 and a few rows of
knit and purl in the round, to make it look like garter stitch.
Then move to 1x1 ribbing.  After a few rows, increase to
create 1x2 ribbing.  Follow this pattern for a few rows,
increase again to 1x3 ribbing. . . etc.

The yoke expands and the 1-stitch knit in the ribbing is on display.  Here's a close-up.
For my size I ended the yoke with 1x5 ribbing.
The body of the sweater, and the sleeves are knit
in stockinette stitch.  1x1 ribbing at the end of the sleeves
and around the bottom of the sweater.
Some shaping at the waist.

This one allows me to report several items of good news -- 
  • I'm knitting up stash;  bot this Cascade 220 Superwash when they wound the skeins as part of manufacturing.
  • I'm already at the body of the sweater, which means I'm keeping pace (I think) with the KAL.
  • I'm knitting with one of my absolute favorite colors.
  • I'm knitting with size US7 needles and in the round so things are smooth and easy for knitting.

Can't get much better than that!

No, wait!  The SUN is shining in Lakewood.  Now that is something to see and celebrate and enjoy.

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