Why this journey?

I've been retired now for over a year. Husband has been sick but is now doing quite well with new pacemaker. I continue to knit and knit and crochet. Recently I became friends again with my sewing machine so you will see some of those projects, too. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That #Completion Thang

If you Blog, Read, Knit, Quilt, Run, Weave, Spin, Rebuild Cars, Boat/Sail, or whatever you know this for sure -- Life is what happens when you're making other plans.  Old maxim, but oh so true.

  • Spent four days at Ocean Shores, WA, with grandson and husband.  Built some great sand castles, ruined my hips on the back of an intractable nag, and flew a wonderful Red Baron kite.  #Knitting -- well only a bit.
  • Spent a few hours on two occasions in two different local ER's.  Husband seems to be having a hard time right now.  Slammed thumb in the car door -- 5 stitches.  Last night did a horrible face plant on the aggregate concrete of our front porch resulting in broken nose, abrasions that bleed like crazy, two shiners, a pulpy upper lip, and 4 stitches in knuckle of right index finger.  #Knitting -- not so much.
  • Spent a week prior to Ocean Shores with grandson at our house.  Saw the latest Wimpy Kid movie, cleaned out paperwork in office, taught him how to knit, took him to play in the lake.  #Knitting -- not so much.

So I am proud to report the #Completion of a wonderful Fledge Shawl, designed by the talented Megan Goodacre of Tricksy Knitter.  Yarn is by Sweatermaker Yarns, 50 silk / 50 merino.  This yarn is what we will all be using when we reach heaven; it's that wonderful.

Several pix to show you WIP and FO.

Still proud to report I have not started anything new, tho friend Darliss and I went to a sale and bot great yarns.  I gotta tell you I am very very very tempted.  #RestrainingMyself

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The #AugustCompletionMarathon is producing real results.  It's amazing what happens when I concentrate on just a few projects.  

  • #Confession -- lots of ideas swirling in my brain.
  • #Truth -- I haven't started anything new since I began the marathon.  Hurray for me!

Here's where I am as this wonderful Sunday comes to a close.

Berenstain Bears Quilt -- It's fini, done, complete, and ready to mail.  Took the very last stitch in the binding about 30 minutes ago.  Feels wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

Personalized the quilt with a label that includes my name.
Found some wonderful coordinated fabric for the backing
at Shibori Dragon in Lakewood.  Perfect
That very very last stitch in the binding.

Baby Afghan -- This one is a long trip.  Lots of interesting stitches, though.  I've added a couple of inches and now have 20" on my way to 36".  Then 12 rows of (groan) seed stitch.

Truest presentation of the color I've been able to achieve with
my amateur camera skills.
Fledge Shawl -- about 20 rows remain and this one will be ready for blocking.  Lace can be intimidating but I love it.  This pattern from Megan Goodacre has some rest rows creating bands of stockinette.  Can't wait to see the final border.

Knitting Lessons -- grandson's head met with foot of teammate's foot resulting in minor concussion.  What do you do to keep a 9.5 yr old boy 'quiet?'  Teach him to knit.  Well, he got it.  We will both be taking our knitting on the trip to Ocean Shores this week.

#Confession -- I dropped that extra needle right thru the gap
in the decking.  Grandson may be crawling under there tomorrow
to retrieve it.

#Secret -- It's one of a set of 4 or 5 so I will give him
another one if we don't get this one from its hiding place.
Seems like #Summer is almost over.  School supplies are in the stores and I've added a package of new Ticonderoga #2's to my knitting needs.  Didn't really need a new Pink Pearl eraser but do love them -- soft and wonderful (like cashmere?)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Making my way through the UFO's in all crafting areas.  This one is *finally* finished. {insert sighs of self-frustration here}.

It's from the Spring (if you can believe it) Mystery Quilt from Heather Spence Designs.  I didn't spend adequate time selecting the fabrics and though they work well with the pattern, I am wishing I'd been a bit more discerning.

Here's a variety of pix -- the green is very olive and avocado-y and no matter the camera setting I can't seem to get it right.

Now everyone (thank you) will chime in and tell me it's grand.  And yes, tis grand.  I can see that -- but I am making the same mistake other quilters/knitters/crafters make:  By comparison mine seems to miss the mark.  

Why do we do this to ourselves?  I've executed a complete queen size quilt in a collection of well-coordinated fabrics using a pattern especially designed for the 100+ women who shared in the mystery.  What's not to like?

And I can report that it's done, except for a final border and the long arm skills of Ms. Heather Spence.  So I'm gonna count it as a #FinishedObject during the #AugustCompletionMarathon.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#Hashtags for #Knitters

#FinishedAnotherOne -- Yup, promised myself I'd finish some of the UFO's I posted in my homage to friend Darliss.  Here's one of the baby blankets.

Easy free pattern from Bernat Baby Softee -- but that center
part was #booooorrrring.  

It's crocheted, with a G hook.
Only 3 skeins (which I got on sale!)

#MakingProgressButSlow -- another afghan, this one from a vintage book (do the 1970's really qualify as 'vintage'?  #YikesIAmOlderThanIThought

Getting this color in a foto is really tough -- it's Patons
Astra Hot Lilac (but don't try to use with any other colors
cuz it turns really gray.)

About half way -- interesting collection of patterns and all
easy to do.  Not sure how much yarn since this project is

I have decided to set aside August to #ConvertUFOtoFinished and so far so good.  That lilac afghan, though, is #SlowGoing -- lots of stitches on the circular US8 and gotta knit to 36".  #Yikes.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

My friend Darliss

I can see her smiling, my friend Darliss.

Darliss is a great knitter and a great friend.  Her faithfulness makes her the kind of friend it's a blessing to have.  Her knitting makes me wish I were her.

You see, Darliss finishes things.  IMO this characteristic sets Darliss apart as a knitter.  She has a very simple pattern for this activity and accomplishment.   Only four steps.

  • *She picks a pattern.
  • She buys the yarn.
  • She knits till it's finished, including the sewing together part.*
  • She repeats from the *.

Now, let's talk about my stuff.  Sure I've got lots of finished projects, gifts, home decor, etc. that I can brag about, but I also have these.

Baby afghan -- crochet, Bernat Baby Softee

Sox, Magic Loop method with Chia Goo #2

Baby Afghan -- knitted, Patons Astra, vintage pattern

Bernat Waverly KAL Afghan -- needs 3 squares (I got bored.)

Cascade Sierra summer cardi I really did wanna wear this season.
(Some would say we haven't had summer, so that's my excuse.)

KAL top down that Knitting Daily did last winter.
Cascasde Superwash 220

Fledge Shawl from Megan Goodacre of Tricksy Knitter.
Sweatermaker Yarns, silk / merino

Patons Kroy sox on 2 sets of DPN's
Plus three (no, wait, four) quilts in various stages in the sewing room.  And more embroidery for pillowcase dolls.

When I grow up, I wanna be Darliss.