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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Lace Tag

In the distribution list of the tags for this blog, I noticed that "lace" appears right near the top. When I checked it was actually the most often used tag.

So it won't surprise you that I'm again knitting a lace pattern.  This time it's a Spring Cardi.

Spring has not arrived in Western Washington (USA), unless you count the daffs, the brilliant purple heather, and the pansies that made it thru the winter.  Oh, and the buds on the trees.

But hope prevails and so I have begun  -- for the second time -- my Spring Cardi.

The pattern and yarn are from Cascade.  Yarn is Sierra, a wonderful blend of cotton with a bit of wool.  This is a go-to yarn for what passes as 'warmer temps' in the chilly spring of the Pacific Northwest.  I also like the blend because the wool stabilizes the no-memory cotton yarn.

The pattern is the Luna Cardigan which tempted me from Cascade's FaceBook page, a free pattern using their Peruvian cotton (no wool.)  The pattern is nice because they include the best ways to add length to either or both of the body and sleeves.  

I'm into stash-reduction so retrieved my supply of Cascade Sierra.  Bot this last summer and actually knitted a garter stitch, top-down cardi.  Well, almost.  Got to the the sleeve and decided I did not like the somewhat sloppy nature of the all over garter stitch.  I'd trimmed it with a few rows of Feather and Fan at the bottom and planned that for finishing the sleeves.  But still . . . 

So I frogged the entire thing and when the Luna Cardigan showed up, I knew this one would work for me.
Here it all is together -- past present and a hint of the future.
Left side -- what's left of the garter stitch, top-down cardigan.
In the middle, with the flower pin -- the piles of frogged yarn.
Lower right -- the ribbing and lace pattern of the Luna Cardigan.

This one is almost seamless -- body of the sweater is knit from the bottom to armholes, then separated for fronts and back.  Sleeves are knit from rib to top of sleeve, which is a set-in sleeve.  

One last comment about Cascade Sierra.  The wool content is 20% and the colors are just glorious.  This one is called Moth -- who is that person whose job it is to sit and match the yarn color to its intended name?  Moth is a perfect match, a neutral with lights.

Still working on sox.  And that afghan?  I know how to sew it together now, but still a few blocks behind in the knitting.  Well, maybe more than a few.    

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