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I've been retired now for over a year. Husband has been sick but is now doing quite well with new pacemaker. I continue to knit and knit and crochet. Recently I became friends again with my sewing machine so you will see some of those projects, too. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Deja Vu -- all over again

The Amended Fassbender Shawl is finished.  It will go in a box and enter the complexities of the mail system.  Too bad we don't get blog posts from the items we mail -- what stories those might be, huh?!

I had fun with this one.  The 3-triangle idea worked out quite nicely.
You can see where I began with the Asparagus green.
Might have been better a few rows later, but I was
all out of the Chamois.

I'll give it a quick steam.  It's acrylic so blocking will not be very effective.  Still, it deserves a shot or two of steam to help even up the stitches.

Here's a closeup of the pattern -- 
Wrong setting on the camera?

As a total piece it's lovely and will warm the shoulders (or lap) of the wearer.  

Remember -- try Red Heart Eco-Ways.  Great colors, good stitch definition, very soft.  Worsted weight (4).
Pattern is from Joyce Fassbender, Deja Vu Scarf, from Knit Picks.  I used size US 10 1/2 needles, a long circular one to hold all of the stitches.

I've been in touch with Joyce to let her know about the revisions.  After all, it's her design; I just modified it a bit.

Take up knitting -- it will modify your life.

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