Why this journey?

I've been retired now for over a year. Husband has been sick but is now doing quite well with new pacemaker. I continue to knit and knit and crochet. Recently I became friends again with my sewing machine so you will see some of those projects, too. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We are Knitters

We are just two regular gals who like to knit.  We each have over-committed to knitting our Christmas gifts, and which of you out there has not also done the same.

Still we shop sales and add to #Stash and review patterns and wind skeins into tidy balls. mWe start and stop projects and we finish things that we give to babies, friends, children, spouses, and grandchildren.

So it won't surprise you that Darliss and I have decided to do our own KAL.  We recently shopped a wonderful sales at Fibers, Etc, in Tacoma.  There we found some lovely lace weight yarn -- Darliss bot emerald green and I bot a silvery gray.

My job was to research patterns.  Today we found it.

It's a Eunny Jang design and we both just love it.  It's called Print of the Wave.  I'm on my iPad so am posting the entire URL you can paste into your browser.


If you wanna join us, leave me a comment and I'll send you my email so we can post your pics.

Happy Knitting.  Now go buy some yarn and cast on a new pattern.  It's what Knitters do!

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