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I've been retired now for over a year. Husband has been sick but is now doing quite well with new pacemaker. I continue to knit and knit and crochet. Recently I became friends again with my sewing machine so you will see some of those projects, too. Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 20, 2012

What's a knitter to do?

Here in Western WA (USA) we're all hoping the April showers bring more May flowers.  The trees are bright, new green and the bulbs bloom no matter what.  Flowering trees are glorious.

But it's still cold and wet and gray.  What's a knitter to do?  Well I can think of several things --

  1. Buy more yarn.  Did that.  Box arrived last week; envelope this week; and I received the shipping notice on a third purchase.  
  2. Visit with knitting friend.  Did that.  Hadn't chat-chat or knit-knit since before Easter so we had a good catchup.
  3. Start more projects.  Did that, too.  Two new shawls.  Yes, shawls -- remember it's still cold and wet and rainy and gray (I said that, didn't I?)  Showing off one of the two shawls in today's post.
  4. Take more walks.  Doing that -- put on the rain gear, put in the ear buds and turn on the book or prayers.  New iPhone app:  Map My Walk records pace and distance on my phone.  Very cool.
Cape Meares Shawl     This is from a wonderful new ebook from Knit Picks.  Rocky Shores has 6 patterns, each with lots of cables and texture.  I have stash yarn for at least 3 of these and decided to buy yarn for the Cape Meares Shawl.  (See numbers 1 and 3 above, please.)  I expect to hear lots of oohs and aahs after you've previewed the patterns shown at the link.

Isn't the texture just yummy?  I'm using US#13 Brittany birch needles.  The shawl begins at the point of a triangle and then after increasing on both edges the pattern shifts to an increase on one edge and a decrease on the other.  The result is a shawl that looks like it's knit on the diagonal.

I've downloaded Rocky Shores into GoodReader (another wonderful app) which allows me to highlight the rows, mark my progress, and of course, enlarge the tiny chart so I can actually read it!  Great app, if you don't have it.  Less than $5 US.

Using Knit Picks Bulky Brava, a soft, soft, luxurious acrylic that's working up just beautifully.  As always, the Knit Picks folks make things relatively affordable, so you will want to check this price.  I ordered 7 skeins and with shipping to my location (and taxes) the total was still less than $30 US.  I'm hoping your own personal situation has room for this kind of project.

Gosh that's dark, but wanted you to see the label.  Brava Bulky.

I hope your spring gives you opportunities to buy yarn, visit with friends (even those who don't knit), get outdoors for walking or just casual viewing, and especially time for knitting.

What's a knitter to do?  We do what knitters do, don't we!?  Buy yarn and patterns and knit!

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  1. Yummy!! I love the color and the cables. I'm almost halfway done a crochet baby blanket in Knit Picks Brava sport (alfalfa, a wonderfully bright and happy green) for a friend of my husband. Soooo soft and yummy. Knit Picks is a new fave of mine... I keep drooling over all their great stuff that is so affordable.